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Fire Trainings

Fire Trainings


Fire safety training educates a set of practices & procedures to minimize the destruction caused by fire hazards. The skill & knowledge acquired through these trainings equip the learners, to combat fire in any unanticipated fire breakout. Also, enable the delegate to recognize the workplace fire hazards prior & ensure adequate control measures are in place.

Developing safe and competent firefighters

Specific training may vary between individual Fire Services. You will undergo a period of basic training managed by your Service Learning Development team. This training may take place within your Service or at the Fire Service College, which runs an 8-week intensive course that provides delegates with the foundation skills required to respond, prevent and adapt to the needs of the community they will serve.

The training is varied and demanding and may include:

  • Basic fire ground core skills including the use of a range of fire service pumps and associated equipment, working safely at height, Fire Service legislation, basic principles of building construction, trench collapse and confined space working.

  • Use of breathing apparatus to a safe and competent standard as a BA wearer in line with the current BA operational guidance.

  • First person on scene including an understanding of the principles of scene management.

  • Road traffic collisions (RTC) including a phased and casualty centred team approach.

  • Introduction to hazardous materials at an initial responder level.

  • Exposure to realistic scenarios.

Industrial Approvals

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